Tasty Guide: TOP 14 Best-Visiting Restaurants in Faro

Faro is a cozy city, famous of its defensive wall and Local history Museum, inspiring tourists from Northern Europe and Great Britain. As the biggest city in the district, Faro is often used by tourists as the start point for their Portuguese trip. There are many interesting sights and resorts around the city. So, you can get interesting impressions at a minimum expenditure of efforts. It is time to have a meal!



Faro is famous of its attractive and original restaurants. Tasca is the first recommended place to visit. The prominent feature of this place is huge choice of national dishes and big portions. The visitors are offered to try welcoming food and glass of wine. To be complete with your supper, you can finish your meal with the special dessert.


There is next popular restaurant, which is placed in the territory of central beach. It makes it popular in the local business sphere. This is a good tradition to come here for business lunch to enjoy the sea view, fresh cocktails and juicy grilled meat. The atmosphere is always calm and relaxed. If you want to visit the restaurant on weekend, it is better to book a table beforehand.


Dois Irmaos

The restaurant is situated in the historical part of the city in the beautiful ancient building. It can be the right place for having rest after travelling. The tourists can find the dishes of different countries here. The menu is international. So, the guests from many countries can choose something to eat without problems. The waiters speak English, easing the choice of food and drinks.

Monte do Casal

The decoration of this place looks like an old country tavern. Nevertheless, the restaurant is very popular. If you like grilled meat and fish - you are welcomed here. In addition to every dish you are kindly offered to order one or two piquant sauces, making your dinner more pleasant and special. Visiting this restaurant you can feel a unique combination of aristocratism and simplicity. Try it!

O Costa

The restaurant is comfortably situated not far from the airport. As well, it is very popular for tourists and city guests. You can meet people from all over the world here. The admirable location is not the only one attractive restaurant feature. The guests are pleased with high-class service and hospitable welcome.

Pousada de Sao Bras

The restaurant is really interesting to visit. It boasts with the biggest wine vaults in the territory. As you can see, the wine cart and rich menu is full of worthy food for all, gourmands and practical budgets. The restaurant sommeliers are never tired from demonstrating good tastes to their guests, offering just collective wines. The restaurant chef always keeps the delicate food traditions. As a rule this place attracts special attention of wine and food enthusiasts.


Preferring bear to wine, welcome to Chessenta bar. You are offered to choose more than 50 kinds of beer and big amount of light snacks and special dishes. What is important, the locals usually call this bar watering place. This is the best-visiting place for tourists in the height of summer.

O Conselheiro

Do you like karaoke? Welcome to karaoke-bar! This place takes the leading positions among other interesting places in Faro. It boasts the big number of disks and records. The night program depends on the day of the week. Weekdays are usually used for retro, popular and national music. Weekends are attractive for dancers. O Conselheiro looks like a communicative club. This is the right place to meet people on the issue of your interests.


The restaurant is placed in the beach territory in the very heart of natural park. The restaurant offers traditional Portuguese cuisine, making accent on seafood and fish. The roomy terrace goes to the most picturesque part of the city-evergreen park. The territory is huge, so, this is a right place for big parties and family celebrations.

Adega Nova

The restaurant takes the territory of two stored building. It is always crowded here. So, there are many long branches everywhere - interesting design trick to give enough space for all visitors. The big portions of steaks, cheap beer, national music and friendly atmosphere are guaranteed.

Alef Burger Bar

The bar is worth visiting. Honestly, you can try the best burger in the world here. The prices are welcoming. Hamburgers, French fries and steak makes your nose swelling. You always want more!

Columbus Cocktail & Wine Bar

The great choice of drinks, alcohol and not really, suits every tastes. It is difficult to find something more creative. The service is high, in spite of busy service. This is the most attractive place in your life! Never miss your chance to check it.

Wax Restobar

The bar is pleasantly situated, opening the sea views. People like smoothie and light milk cocktails. You may traditionally offer hamburgers, pizza and salads. The service is friendly and hospitable. Planning family dinner on the beach, this is the most suitable place. It is really difficult to find something more comfortable and attractive for all generations. All you need is good beach restaurant, fresh juice and delicious food.


The excellent cuisine, careful service, new meetings - you should spend a couple of days to enjoy this. This is the right eating place if you like true Italian cuisine. The menu includes the list of classical Italian dishes. It is recommended to try avocado salad, salmon salad, farfalle and spaghetti with seafood and zucchini. Is not it an interesting combination?

Which way of travelling do you prefer? Travelling by car, it is better to think about hiring car in Faro beforehand. You can easily book a car online or by phone. Anyway, you can save your money and be sure that your car is waiting for you on arrival. Pay attention that parking is hard in the city center. As a rule, there are many private parking at the shopping centers and restaurants. The biggest free parking is placed not very far from the city harbor.

5 Best Shades for 2014 Summer

Why is there all that fuss about sunglasses? Many of you will say that sunglasses are sunglasses and to leave further discussion somewhere else, but if you are serious about secure driving, the answer is a perfect sunglasses. Okay, you can go to the nearest corner and buy some shades, but you cannot expect to have a greatest behind-the-wheel experience if you are not fully equipped. You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a decent pair of sunglasses, because many of them are somewhere between 100-200 euros, and what is the most important thing is that you don’t buy them for one summer, but for many summer to come.

There’s a three signs to look when you are choosing your perfect driving sunglasses: First of all you’ll need polarized lenses, because they reduce glare and filter appropriate light levels; second thing is to always look for curved lenses; and the last but not least is thin temples to free up you  marginal view.

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Mysteries come in countless shapes: antique, contemporary, unanswered, and unsolved. But the most mysterious places are a material strength to be considered with. They’ve turn out to be popularized on many internet destinations, and all of them have some sort of the unusual which makes them mysterious.

Our list doesn't walk briskly out unoriginal write-ups of the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian pyramids, nor is it endorses the common suspects of “haunted hotels.” These strange constructions are unique, unknown, and frequently secret. Obscurity after all, has to be genuine.

Mont Sainte-Odile, France

Top Easter Movies

The festivity of Easter is just around the corner, and it indicates the start of the spring season. Although there is not a set date every year, not like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it is at all times celebrated on the first Sunday following the spring equinox. Easter was always consider to be children holiday, and therefore there are a variety of Easter jelly bean candies, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and many other beautiful things children loves.

However, when kids get full with chocolate they like to enjoy in movies, so we made a list of the Top Easter movies. Once they done with running around and want to settle you may want to take in a DVD of an Easter-themed movie. If you can't choose on what movie to watch on Easter here are some of our suggestions. All of movies we choose stood the test of time, and many are considered to be all-time classics when it comes to Easter.

1. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

There’s no holiday without the Peanuts. With Easter coming up, the crew is hard at work for get ready for the holiday. While Snoopy is shopping for a new home for Woodstock, Peppermint Patty is having a difficult time making Easter eggs with Marcie who hasn't the slightest idea of how to do that. This movie is certainly for every age, so you can watch it together with you kids and enjoy Easter.