Top Easter Movies

The festivity of Easter is just around the corner, and it indicates the start of the spring season. Although there is not a set date every year, not like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it is at all times celebrated on the first Sunday following the spring equinox. Easter was always consider to be children holiday, and therefore there are a variety of Easter jelly bean candies, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and many other beautiful things children loves.

However, when kids get full with chocolate they like to enjoy in movies, so we made a list of the Top Easter movies. Once they done with running around and want to settle you may want to take in a DVD of an Easter-themed movie. If you can't choose on what movie to watch on Easter here are some of our suggestions. All of movies we choose stood the test of time, and many are considered to be all-time classics when it comes to Easter.

1. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

There’s no holiday without the Peanuts. With Easter coming up, the crew is hard at work for get ready for the holiday. While Snoopy is shopping for a new home for Woodstock, Peppermint Patty is having a difficult time making Easter eggs with Marcie who hasn't the slightest idea of how to do that. This movie is certainly for every age, so you can watch it together with you kids and enjoy Easter.

Cars for the Future

It’s always interesting to watch concept cars at auto shows. Everybody gets to see daring, appalling statements or fascinating ones that may just make it to the factory. The best models are energy for dreams of what may come in next few years. This year proved to be very special one. Here’s out list of most favorite concept cars.

Maserati Alfieri

Maserati needs to change something after GranTurismo model that everybody loved so much, and the Alfieri is a great replacement. Not to mention that Maserati celebrates 100th anniversary this year, and a bold declaration is expected. Alfieri Concept is a 2+2 and it’s more sporting focused due to its shorter wheelbase and in general lesser size compared to the GranTurismo.

Top 10: Valentine's Day Movies

If you prefer to spend Valentine's Day at home with your girlfriend, cuddle up under the warm blanket and in each others arms, then the right thing to do is to play some romantic movie. You are at the right place, because we love romantic movies, and we are going to share our all time favorites. Either it is a classics or new release all of these flicks are praiseworthy of watching on Valentine's Day, or whichever additional time you feel like a dreamy date night with your loved one. We've picked out our 10 favorite Valentine's Day, but feel free to add your list if your like.

1. The Notebook

The Notebook
This is by far the most romantic movie ever. It’s based on a best-selling novel, two souls from two different worlds fall desperately in love only to be torn apart. Life goes on as they detach but ultimately meet again years later.

Celebrities with bizarre tattoos

For a huge number of people tattoos are just a way how they express themselves, and for celebrities is more of that, is like setting trends. But what happens when they overstate the matter and tries to express them maybe a little too much? Yes, we are speaking on the subject of bizarre tattoos so ridiculous that it makes you doubt why any sane person, especially a famous person would do that to themselves.

Here’s the list of celebrities with bizarre tattoos that attract our attention.
Miley Cyrus is without a doubt the person of the year, but her latest tattoo raises the question of how much actually she thinks about everything. She has a few tattoos but this may be the weirdest one yet. Most famous tattoo artist Kat Von D engraves Miley’s grandma’s face on her right forearm, and it really looks ridiculous.