Device That WiFi Signal Transform to Electricity?

Scientists have published a very unusual news - they invented a device that could save us from many chargers by collecting energy from WiFi signals.

In the future, the device will not only accumulate energy, but it will be able to convert it into electrical energy, that will be able to charge the batteries of other devices.

In basics, it is a rectifier antenna that transforms the electromagnetic energy into a direct current (DC). The team of scientists from MIT and the Technical University of Madrid managed to construct the antenna in such way that electromagnetic waves (such as Wi-Fi signals) are captured as alternating current waves (ACs).

Those waves are send to a two-dimensional semiconductor that converts them into direct current, producing about 40 microwatts of electricity. It does not seem too much, but it's enough to light up one LED.

Since the antenna is flexible, it can be placed on larger or smaller surfaces. For example, it could been placed on a large surface such as walls or it can be used in a small device such as smartphones.

To be exact, this is not the first device that can convert WiFi signals to electricity. The idea has been there for some time and many engineers were (and are) dealing with this problem. In this case, there is an innovative use of a different material for corrector, a part that converts AC into DC, with which they made a significant improvement in the development of this technology.

Given that this type of antenna and corrector are financially affordable, it could be used on large surfaces. The team of scientists is now working on building larger systems and improving the efficiency of their antennas.



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