Most Mysterious Unknown Places

Mysteries come in countless shapes: antique, contemporary, unanswered, and unsolved. But the most mysterious places are a material strength to be considered with. They’ve turn out to be popularized on many internet destinations, and all of them have some sort of the unusual which makes them mysterious.

Our list doesn't walk briskly out unoriginal write-ups of the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian pyramids, nor is it endorses the common suspects of “haunted hotels.” These strange constructions are unique, unknown, and frequently secret. Obscurity after all, has to be genuine.

Mont Sainte-Odile, France

Not many years ago in the peaceful place such as Mont Sainte-Odile something disturbs many people. Ancient books began vanishing from this 7th century monastery in France’s Vosges Mountains. There was no logical explanation so the speculation was all over the place. Unsurprisingly the resolve to this little secret was underground entrances. So the detectives start looking and find that a bookcase swung that open and uncovered an onwards medieval tube with rope steps leading to the top and unrestricted areas. The robber was a local teacher who fined the concealed space on an aged map and couldn’t defy examining the place. Mystery was solved for the moment, but the miles and miles of secret passages hide many secret through many centuries.

Porta Magica, Rome

It’s right there in the open, but many can fail to notice the mystery within Piazza Vittorio in Rome’s Esquilino district. The Porta Magica is the single residual entry to the 17th century villa of Massimiliano Palombara, who was infatuated with a formula to turn metal into gold. He got a formula by some ancient alchemist, but it was written in an undisclosed cipher and Palombara was incapable to understand writing. He was in despair and he had the formula emblazoned into the door of his home, hopeful that one of The Alchemists of Palazzo Riario would go by and know the words. It still stands out there, waiting for somebody to break the covert formula.

San Juan Parangaricutiro, Michoacán, Mexico

In 1943, a volatile volcano in Mexico’s distant mountain of Michoacán began discharging magma; ultimately conceal the villages of San Juan Parangaricutiro and Paricutín beneath a coal-black layer of stocky magma. The only thing that survived this natural disaster was the crucifix-topped bell tower of the San Juan Parangaricutiro Church. Not a single brick has fallen from it. Local people believe that God save this structure and they are praying every day on it. It’s is hard to believe that this kind of structure can go undamaged but strange things can happen.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Hjørring, Denmark

Stick out from a bleak sandbank called Lønstrup Klint, this ghostly lookout was built in 1900 but it was abandoned in only few years after sands and sea began to eat greedily it entire. The powerful 75 foot tall building will probable fall down from irregular sands and coastal attrition in the next few years - and many people already wonders what additional antique Viking remnants lay underneath the sand. Some local legend speaks about entire town beneath all of that sand…



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hopeful that one of The Alchemists of Palazzo Riario would go by and know the words. It still stands out there, waiting for somebody to break the covert formula.

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