The 5 Sneakers for 2013

One of the greatest feelings in the World is when you put your feet in comfy sneakers and go for a running or just walk around a park. Either way tiredness from the office will almost certainly disappear when you pound the pavement as soft as you can. Knowledge that were develop last year's Olympics sneakers have been applied to many consumer shoes and all the most important brands are releasing sneakers that are lighter, quicker and more comfortable than they were just one year ago. We tried our best to choose the best sneakers for certain occasions, and our list contains 5 best sneakers for this year.

Best overall sneakers: Altra Lone Peak 1.5

New Altra model is by far the best sneakers for this year. It’s an immense trail shoe with remarkable and powerful grip. It’s also a great shoe for changeover to if you are switching to a mid-foot beat, or already have a mid-foot beat and are looking for a non-minimal running shoe. Even if you are just looking for a shoe for your wide feet then Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is the right choice for you. With muscular soles, outstanding breathability, and a weight beneath 10 ounces, this is the shoe for all day adventures.

Best race sneakers: Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra

Kilian Jornet join the Salomon design squad and in partnership with them World champion create a brand new model for Salomon’s popular Sense shoe series that features extra reduction and deeper carts. Even with these changes, the new Salomon model is still very light with 7.4 ounces, which sounds pretty amazing. They are a little pricier than other options, but when the race day comes you’ll certainly be ready.

Best trail sneakers: Merrell Barefoot Trail Run Ascend Glove

Merrell is without a doubt one of the World best sneakers manufacturer, and they always make great trail shoes. This year their Ascend Glove model is the best sneakers is trail category. Ascend Glove provides the ideal modest stand with nil plunge and only 6mm of cushioning. Aerated and Gore-Tex-lined options are prepared for any conditions so you can leave your worries at home and just enjoy these great shoes.

Best ultra light sneakers: The North Face Hayasa

The North Face and Tsuyoshi Kaburaki join the forces and design maybe the fastest ultra light sneakers on the World. The name for the new model of The North Face shoes is for the Japanese which means speed. While the Hayasa was designed to be an able trail racer, The North Face didn’t hold back on with safety or support, so this shoe could work as an everyday trainer for a good portion of trail runners.

Best long distance sneakers: New Balance Leadville 1210

Inspired by the Leadville Trail 100-mile race, the 1210 is a well-cushioned trainer with a soft upper that’s wide adequate to comfortably cradle an ultra runner’s foot. The Leadville really brings something new to the New Balance line that hadn’t been there for awhile, and that is a real trail running shoe that is particularly designed for trail running. They haven’t mocked up a road running shoe with some trail features. This is its own monster, if you will.



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