The 5 best things in GTA V

The biggest game of the year is finally in front of us, so we are going to find what are the best new things in Grand Theft Auto V. You certainly can find many online reviews, but we research the game and made the top list of the 5 best things in it.

1. Crash test dummies
One of the significant actions in every game is to make certain that malfunction doesn’t be much of a disappointment. In GTA V although messing up is frequently the best thing: particularly if it engross creating a massive pile-up and looking how people get hurl through car windscreens like rockets. Those crashes in GTA are bodily comedy at supreme, and all even as only virtual citizens get harm. Gratitude to the actuality that GTA V has some unbelievable explosions decisively trying to make the biggest chaos you can is always satisfied. Particularly if you have sticky bombs in your arsenal…

2. City speed limits
Whoever said that size doesn’t matter never played GTA. This edition is Rockstar biggest game ever and the World is as big as one can imagine, and it is open for you to discover it right from the start. There are no closed bridges or weather warnings in your way, so even when the story wants you to slow, you just turn on the other but with civilized speed.

3. Where are Mulder & Scully?
UFOs in GTA World? Yes, that’s right! We don’t want to spoil things but you’ll find some other kind of life form as you progress in the game. As the radio announce that hikers being abducted near San Andreas Mountains just travel there by night and you’ll see.

4. Character switching is awesome
Having three different characters appeared to be a slightly strange at first, but as the story progress you will see that this is the best idea ever, even if there is no co-op choice in the narrative campaign and the plan of character switching is more then a strange thing is this kind of games. But just trust us because it really works, and not only that but works really well in practice. The best thing about it is in missions where switching characters lets you to modify the game. And not only that, but if you are tired of driving the car and shooting just switch to a helicopter mode instead and enjoy the game from above.

5. GTA Radio

This edition of GTA has one of the biggest soundtrack which is already well-known, with its collection of a classic tunes across every music genre ever made. Everyone can find their favorite radio station, and best of all there is talk radio stations as well as the commercials. Best jokes are actually on the radio station, so you will enjoy every bit of it. You will hear everything from the crazy sports talk to women talk about diets and even scientology. So, run to the nearest gameshop and buy new GTA because it is certainly worth of your precious money.



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