Know-How: Buying Vintage Jewelry

It can be very hard to find a quality vintage jewelry, because sometimes the best gems are vintage ones. Excellent Cartier bracelet from the 1970s is very rare, but once you acquire it, you’ll feel what the real deal is. Buying the vintage jewelry is easier said than done. The most important thing is to avoid fake ones, and that can be very difficult because some of counterfeiters have gotten so good, and it’s pretty hard to tell what's real and what's not.

If you are planning to purchase jewelry you can find a plenty useful advices at Apples of Gold Jewelry either you are looking for diamonds, perfect wedding ring or how to buy vintage-look jewelry. They covered a lot of aspects when it comes to purchasing jewelry, so you’ll be very well informed before you decide on certain piece of jewelry.

There's a two kind of vintage jewelry: the regular ones and those with designer signature. Sure, those second ones can be very pricey, but Chanel and Versace jewelry made some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry, and their value can only go up, so it’s a good investment in the future. When you buying vintage jewelry you've got to look for a few important things which includes logos and writing on the outside or inside of the certainty piece, to be sure that you are buying a real deal.

There are three options to buy vintage jewelry: online, consignment stores, or vintage thrift stores and markets. When you decide on the details of the design and all that goes with it, it's time to decide where to buy a new precious piece of vintage jewelry.

The Internet is probably the best place for shopping, because there are plenty of options, and you can do it direct from your home which is always a good thing. An only thing is that you’ll need to be very careful to not stomp on any fake websites that claims to sell the best vintage jewelry. It’s not that hard to spot fake site, but best way to avoid them is to stick to the popular ones. There is also an eBay, but you’ll need to buy it from reputable sellers with excellent feedback before making the purchase.

Second option is to shop at consignment stores, if you want to actually see the jewelry prior to buying it. There are a many retailers with knowledge that can answer to any of your questions. That jewelry is going to be little bit you pricier than what you might spot at thrift stores, but you can be sure that they're authentic.

The last but not the least option is to buy at vintage thrift stores and markets. You’ll never know on what you can stumble at that kind of places. There are many people who don’t know real value of what they’re selling, so you can buy classy vintage jewelry at very low rate. Also there are a lot of fake things there, but as wise man said thrift stores are like a lottery, you’ll never know what you are buying.



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The best part abut pawn stores is that , sometimes people selling their vintage jewellery do not know their true value, which means you can get your own vintage jewellery at a much lower rate than retail.

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