Cats & Dogs you should be following on Instagram

If you are sometimes look at your Instagram feed and think that something is missing? Well, the answer is quite simple – that’s because you aren’t following enough cats & dogs. These days Instagram is the best place for cats and dogs to get noticed. So, if you have your own cat or dog now is the perfect time to shared photo of your bellowed ones with the rest of the internet.

There are a thousand of ultra-photogenic cats and dogs on Instagram, and they each have thousands of followers that like and comment their pictures on a daily basis.

Here’s our list of cats & dogs you should be following on Instagram.

Norm is without a doubt most photogenic dog on the planet at this moment. His owner, Washington based photographer Jeremy Veach shared couple of Norm photos thought his instagram account, and the dog become a star in a matter of seconds.

Veach said to the local newspaper that Norm enjoy pictures and gets really into it, and when there is something that Norm doesn’t like, Veach immediately move on to a new idea.

Tardar Sauce also known as Grumpy Cat become internet sensation because her grumpy facial expression. Although permanently grumpy-looking face is due to feline-dwarfism, the cat is actually pretty sweet and tender. Tardar Sauce has over one million likes on Facebook, and she was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Recently she signed a movie deal, but she is still making awesome memes, and therefore her Instagram account is the right one to follow.

He is the most popular dog with over 500,000 followers on Instagram. Maru Taro is Shiba-Inu dog, and he is four year old and lives in Japan. What makes him more special from others is beautiful fur and dark watery eyes that make you want to pet him and take pictures with him. He instantly became symbol of Japan, mainly because he is known for his photo shoots taken in various places all over Japan.

Wasabi Chan is a small Japanese kitten that is recovered from an injury to the sweetest way possible. In early June Wasabi Chan was found on the street after surviving a terrible crow attack that left her with a fractured jaw and a hole in her throat.

Due to her condition, the only way of feeding milk to Wasabi-chan is through a catheter, and because of that the owner has to wrap and dress the kitten up in knitted costumes to prevent her from fighting back as sudden movements may result in suffocating or hurting the kitten’s throat or stomach.

Sweet kitten has 50,000 followers who support Wasabi Chan thought the fight for the life.

This dog with marvelous line of merchandise became an internet hit with his adorably pronounced overbite and unusually crumpled chin. Chihuahua-Dachsund mix was adopted in 2011, and the owner shared photos of her beloved unique-looking puppy almost every day.

Firstly named Wormy, then Mr. Burns (after the Simpsons character) and then Toonie (since he looks so comically cartoonish) and eventually Tuna. Today, Tuna has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and every one of them is eager to see what the little dog will do next.



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