5 Most Beautiful Car Museums

More than a century ago the man began the love for transport devices. Everything goes back to the time of horse carriage, and with the advent of the first fuel and engine bore and a love of cars, which up to this day can rarely be measured with anything else. In addition to the most modern cars, the people is attract to vintage cars, classic car models, specifically to see the whole evolution of the automotive industry in one, and pure genius engineering and design in it. It’s the main reason why people create car museums, that strange and beautiful desire and lust between men and the cars. Car museums remind us of the impact of cars on the world cultural heritage and economy, and to once again witness the secret love affair between men and car. There are literally tons of car museums, all over the world. Some of them are architecturally insane, and car wise, they are everything that one hopes to be. In the following article we present the 5 most beautiful car museums that stand up with their grand architecture design, and take breath to almost every visitor, which further emphasize the beauty of some of the most beautiful cars ever produced.

Volkswagen Autostadt - Wolfsburg, Germany

This beautiful complex of automotive and science has become one of most visited tourist destination in Germany. It’s so popular, that a famous BMW create new BWM Welt in Munich inspired by Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Inside the Volkswagen Autostadt there is a special part for greatest VW car of all time – Beetle. Whole complex is like car city, it spread on 69-arce. Most special part of museums is devoted for Porsche, with every single model in it up to date.

LeMay: America’s Car Museum - Tacoma, Washington, USA

One of the largest car collection privately owned is settled in most beautiful and astonishing museum on Interstate 5. Harold LeMay owned a successful refuse company and he was passionate vintage car fan, after his death, the city of Tacoma donated 10 acres of land and the museum is born. At a price of $100 million the Museum is being called "America's Car Museum."

BMW Welt - Munich, Germany

The BMW Welt is the one of the most beautiful architecturally design buildings. It attracts car-lovers and no-car lovers alike. Almost everybody wants to see it. Few years ago it was named as one of the most visited museums in whole Europe. There you can see the latest BMW cars & motorcycles, and learn about the technology and design elements used by the famous Bavarian company.

The Lamborghini Museum - Bologna, Italy

The Lamborghini Museum is located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in that tiny triangle between Bologna and Modena, fittingly defined as “Terra dei Motori” (Motor Valley). The Museum opened in 2001 as a sign of Automobili Lamborghini’s commitment to celebrate, with the new millennium, a new breed of dream cars. The Museum also marks Lamborghini’s recognition for the support from devoted and passionate Lamborghini fans, who contribute every day to keep its legend alive.

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari - Modena, Italy

The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari museum complex extends on about 6.000m2 and includes Enzo Ferrari’s Birthplace, and a futuristic automotive design gallery, painted in the yellow that Enzo Ferrari chose as the background for the Prancing horse on his famous logo. It include many vintage race cars such as Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, and the 1947 125 S—the first car to bear the Ferrari name. Many of tourists in Italy visit this one of the kind place when past and future meet each other and give astonishing look on automobile industry.



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