The Art of Pulp Novels

Photographer Thomas Allen creates art out of old novels by cutting out select pieces of covers and insides and photographing them with a meaningful depth of field.

He begins his process by cutting figures and images out of illustrated pages of old books and vintage fiction novels. Allen then cleverly rearranges and juxtaposes the forms to create three-dimensional scenes. Next, he carefully lights his subjects and photographs the scenes.
When separated from their original stories, the figures take on fresh roles in entirely new situations. Yet they retain their intended purpose of storytelling.




Anonymous said...

It seems like kind of a shame to cut up these priceless vintage books. However the result does tend to be lovely.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gorgeous stuff, very evocative x

joe said...

born ruffians, a canadian band, used one of those photos as an album cover for their album "red, yellow, and blue!"

Anonymous said...

Haha! I was gonna say that too! ^^^ Really interesting!

Anonymous said...

Genius ****

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