Amazing Animal Furniture Design

Michel Haillard brings the design and the baroque ideas together with astonishing mastery of inspiration.The elements that compose Haillard’s furniture have been collecting for years, the fruits of his exploration and research, his own “Tribal Pursuit” as he likes to call it.

Haillard combines the naturalness of his raw materials, horns or teeth of various origins, leopard, crocodile and zebra skins having already delighted several generations of hunters, with an unfettered imagination and an obvious nostalgia for pomp and irony. His “pursuit” is both coherent creation, deliberately sustained, of the unexpected and the strange, whilst being tribal through its haughtily aristocratic character and at the same time keeping an unavowed and underlying conscious sense of excess.

Haillard is without doubt a great and amazing artist. By his highly personal way of transmuting the natural objects which he comes across, by the way he makes them perform new functions and, instead of bowing to the dictates of his raw materials, makes them obey the searching inspiration of his creative mind.




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