Bizarre Shoes

Mouse Slipper
Imagine, you wake up in the morning, try to find your slipper. Then suddenly, you find you step on something fluffy; and it is mouse head….

Fish Flip Flops
I guess, this one must be as slippery as fish. lol

Meadow on Shoes
I need green in my life. So I have meadow, trees and animal on my shoes?

Grass Flip Flops
Take a walk in the grass wherever you are in these creative flip flops that have real grass growing inside. (That is weird to me!!!)

Garden Shoes
The moving garden – we have cabbage, pea and some berry. lol

Umbrella on Shoes
I guess, the shoes top will never get wet in raining day?

Gaming Shoes
I love “Pika” and I want to play game all the time….

Boxing Shoes?

CD Player Shoes

Barefoot Sneakers
Okat designed these unique barefoot sneakers by using his own feet and toes as inspiration.

Feet Shoes
More scary feet shoes! I guess no one dare to step on you when you wear this kind of shoes.

Mens’ foot Shoes
I just have no word for this one.

Wooden Shoes

Self-Defense shoes?

Self-masochism shoes?

Semi-invisible shoes?

Loving shoes
Except the balancing issue I am concerned, this one look like the most wearable shoes in this list.



MoreSpaTraffic said...

Oh my word! I have to say I found most of those creepy! Scary even. I can't get out of my head the rodent variety.

Anonymous said...

some of these are obvious photoshops

Anonymous said...

The second pair of feet shoes are props from one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Anonymous said...

A lot of them are obvious photoshops.

Anonymous said...

The "Mens Feet" are hobbit feet from the Lord of the Rings set...

kettin clawtooth said...

o-o dem feet shoes ;-; wtf? the rest are interesting in their own little way x3 and id want a few of those :3

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