You no longer have to drink vodka - you can eat it

Russian scientists turned their favorite drink into a powder. Vodka can now be taken as pill or sprinkled onto dessert.

Yevgeny Moskalev from St. Petersburg invented a technique that allows the conversion of alcohol into a powdery substance. The good news is that new technology allows the conversion of any kind of alcohol into powder - not only vodka. Yevgeny, who is a professor at the University of St. Petersburg, reveals that they stumbled upon this discovery while performing other tasks for the Soviet government.

- We were working on creating powdery adhesive when one of us was asked to invent a technique for storing of substances in the form of small capsules. We created this technique, but the client never paid us. We thought about giving it up when a fortunate accident saved us. Another company asked us to put a water and medicine into pills because they were trying to create a medicine for the animals. Animals do not like the smell of drugs and in the form of capsules they could easily be placed in their food. With this discovery, we were able to convert any solution into powder – Moskalev revealed for the Russian media. This technique was tested on a 96-percent poison and eventually was patented. Moskalev also used it to conserve droplets of ethanol into capsules.

Pills can help you ‘dose’ your intoxication levels

Technique consists of adding alcohol into dissolved wax and mixing it together. After it gets dispersed, the wax solidifies and preserves the alcohol molecules. Somewhere along the way, somebody came up with the idea that they could try this process with some vodka.

‘Solid’ vodka would become popular for two reasons only - it would be easier to carry it and because it cannot be broken. In fact, ‘dry’ vodka can be wrapped in paper and carried around in your pocket or bag. Besides that, vodka in the form of pills can help consumers determine their preferred ‘dose’ of intoxication.

Sprinkle the vodka onto dessert

- Unfortunately, because of the way in which vodka is preserved, it currently tastes like a candle. However, this could be solved by adding different flavors to the wax. To be honest, I did not like vodka in the form of pills; I prefer eating it mixed with dessert.

However, I must emphasize that the result is weak, even after three spoonfuls, so I would conclude that vodka is best when consumed in the good old way - said the scientist. However, in spite of his personal preference, powder vodka should certainly be beneficial for bakers who must use certain alcoholic beverages in making the sweets.



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