Strange Outdated Laws

No matter where you’re from, your town or city is sure to have at least a few outdated laws that are still technically in effect, but are no longer followed by the general population. Many of these laws are amusing and some down right silly, while others might make you cringe a bit. But overall, they’re make you wonder why in the world they were ever passed in the first place. Check out the top ten most ridiculous outdated laws below, in no particular order.

1. Domestic violence is still legal in the great state of Arkansas, however, if a husband feels an intense urge to smack his wife around, he can only legally do it once a month. Anything more frequent and he’ll end up behind bars.

2. Ever really wanted to park you donkey in a bathtub? Well don’t do it in Massachusetts or you’ll be arrested. If only we could read the full story behind this absolutely puzzling law, but it will forever remain a mystery.

3. If you’re a fan of digging for treasure up in your nose, while driving out on the open road in Alabama, just make sure you don’t flick it out the window. This offense will get you in some serious trouble.

4. No longer can men give false hope to eligible bachelorettes of Mississippi. It’s a crime for men to promise marriage to a women just get her into bed.

5. Drivers and pedestrians don’t have to fear women drivers in Tennessee, where women are only allowed to drive a car if a man is outside of the car walking in front or beside her waving a red flag. Hopefully these poor women at least had cool vehicles with great car accessories to make up for the embarassement.

6. It’s nice to know that some realized how annoying it can be to have pickle juice thrown at you from a moving trolley. In Rhode Island, this kind of outlandish behavior will land you in the big house.

7. Don’t make the mistake of shooting your neighbors dog in Nevada. This gives your neighbor the right the legally hang you for it.

8. Enjoy the delicious combo of beer and pretzels? Well not in North Dakota where it’s illegal to serve the two together in any restaurant or bar.

9. There’s bound to be some backed up traffic if you’re heading through Wisconsin. If two trains come to a stop at an intersection, neither may move until the other one does.

10. If you work in a cheese factory out in South Dakota, you best not fall asleep, or you at risk of being arrested.



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