Hong Kong - The Asian Sensation

Hong Kong is a part of Chinese republic. It was earlier a part of British colony due to the English invasion. It was a British crown colony, which means that it was one of the most important colonies among all the other British colonies. However, after its independence, Hong Kong developed at a very fast rate. Today it is one of the leading economies of the world. Hong Kong is known for its success in financial markets in the world. It has a high successful capitalist economy and is very autonomous in nature.

When we talk about the culture of Hong Kong, we see that it is the place which is often depicted as a place where eastern culture meets western culture. It is said so because of the Chinese base of the country while the effects of the British invasion had an effect in giving Hong Kong a mix of western culture too. We will find that the beliefs like feng shui are still practiced very seriously even though it does not exist in western culture. The food is also affected by both the cultures. The people of Hong Kong like to have Chinese cuisine and they also include western cuisine in their food, therefore the sea food, oils, bread and other food habits are all a part of the Hong Kong food.

Hong Kong is a very beautiful place to visit and there are many tourists who get attracted towards this place. The most popular places in Hong Kong are Madame Tussauds, Hollywood Road, Western Market, Lan Kwai Fong, Happy Valley Racecourse, Jumbo Kindom, Repulse Bay, Stanlay Market and Murray House. These places are very beautiful and have a pleasant environment. The investors or the tourism sectors are also very interested in investing in Hong Kong tourism market as it is very developing market. The currency of Hong Kong, which is the Hong Kong dollar, is 9th most traded currency in the world.

The most popular hotels in Hong Kong are Conrad hotel Hong Kong, Gold Coast Hotel, Harbor Grand Hong Kong Hotel, Harbor Plaza Hong Kong Hotel, Intercontinental Grand Standard Hotel, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin Hotel, Le Meredian, Cyberport Hotel, Regal hotel, and Royal Garden Kowloon hotel. These are the most luxurious hotels of Hong Kong. However, the other hotels in Hong Kong are also very beautiful and royal and have a very developed infrastructure and excellent facilities.

Tourists are often very much attracted to the culture of Hong Kong because it is very fascinating and attractive. The other reason why tourists are very interested in visiting Hong Kong is because of the blending of the two different cultures in the country. The mix of the western culture and eastern culture is very widely seen in Hong Kong. People of Hong Kong are very calm and peaceful. The crime rate in Hong Kong is under control and therefore the tourists feel very safe and secure about this place. There are several things like food habits, living styles in the country which depicts the blend of these two cultures.



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