The Art of Being Funny

In life we keep seeing funny events. We come across events that do not make sense and still happen in life. These events add spice in our life as we all need humor and jokes to live a happy life.

Real life is full of stress. We need some relaxing moments to enjoy it. It is said that art is making something extraordinary out of the ordinary. In the same way, to ward off boredom in their lives people come up with lots of items to entertain themselves. For example, entertainment forms like drama, cinema, music and dance were born out of the human desire to enjoy themselves. Comedy and humor was devised specially for the amusement of humans. Artists and comedians give pleasure to people by making them laugh and have fun.

Comedy is a great element of entertainment. It can manifest itself in the form of drama, fiction, stand-up comedy or a humorous drawing. Comedy showcases funny things of a particular situation. Finding humor in an ordinary situation is a great art in itself. Satire writers describe comical or funny situations in words. A piece of satire can be a thought-provoking topic for readers. The world has seen some great satirists like Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling. Great satire wring includes Rudyard Kipling's "Animal Farm" and "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift.

Jokers in circus provide funny moments to people and make them laugh. Their kind of comedy is mostly situational. They create a ridiculous situation which makes people laugh. Graphical description of funny things or events is also very popular. People, who draw funny things or situations, are known as cartoonists. It takes a lot of creativity and hard work to be able to draw a good piece of cartoon. When a graphic artwork describes any funny situation or a person then it is known as a cartoon. However, when a funny drawing shows a man's funny physical features only then it is known as a caricature.

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