10 stupid things to do when you attend a High School Reunion

1. Calling people by the wrong names (do a bit of research first before attending the event)

2. Attending the event with your old school uniform (unless otherwise stated)

3. Try to revive the romance with someone you flirted with in high school even though he/she is already married

4. Boasting about how brilliant you are and how much money you’re making and how many women you’ve slept with etc.

5. Wearing many famous brands that are fake and/or look extremely fake

6. Rent a luxury car for the day and tell everyone that it’s yours

7. Bring two prostitutes with you

8. Bring your friend’s child and a prostitute with you to form a so-called “Family”

9. Talking about life philosophy that you don’t even understand

10. Tell everyone that you are still a virgin (if you still are)

Golden rule: Just be yourself and give out true information without exaggerating. Always be aware of what to say and what not to say.



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